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Due to the Inflation Reduction Act, Health Insurance Costs Less

At Regency West, we help you explore assistance opportunities and find a plan that fits your needs. In this post, Covered California details how, thanks to the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, many Californians qualify for quality health insurance at a free monthly premium. More financial help is available than ever thanks to the American Rescue Plan and

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Buying Health Insurance for 2023

At Regency West, we help you explore assistance opportunities and find a plan that fits your needs. So what’s changing in health insurance for 2023? With added options, expanded access to Medi-Cal, and even more financial help, Covered California shares tips on how getting health insurance has never been this affordable.  As you’re getting ready to buy health insurance for 2023, it’s a

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How COVID-19 Impacts Your Health Insurance Premiums

As mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), premium rates are finalized in the early fall and are based on events from two years before the pricing plan year. So, to know how 2023 rates were set this year, we’ll need to look back at 2021. And if there’s one event we can associate with 2021, it’s COVID-19. In summer

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Generic and Brand-Name Prescriptions — Two Sides of the Same Pill? 

You know the feeling. You’re at the local pharmacy, dragging yourself through the aisles and staring down a rabbit hole of labels and discount stickers. All you want is a remedy for your runny nose, not a deep-dive into the slight pricing variations of over-the-counter cold medications. But that overwhelm hardly compares to the dread of shopping for prescription medications.

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Woman On Laptop Tries To Understand Her Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

How To Make Sense Of Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Say you visit your doctor for an annual check-up, or you head to urgent care for a neck strain. Every time you visit your doctor, hospital, urgent care, or other healthcare provider, you’ll receive an “Explanation of Benefits” in the mail. But don’t grab your check or credit card yet — this Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is not a bill.

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Small Business Employees Take Advantage of Company Wellness Programs

What’s The ROI On Employee Wellness Programs?

In a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, about three-fourths of HR professionals reported that their organizations offered wellness incentives in 2014. Of this number, about two-thirds reported that their wellness program was “somewhat effective” or “very effective” in reducing healthcare costs. So, wellness programs reduce business costs. But how do you, a small business owner, determine how

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