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With over 20 years of experience, Regency West knows the value of our clients and the relationships we have with them. When we are hired to place a benefit package within a company, we strive to understand the needs of the employer and those of their employees. It's our job to find the right plan for both their needs. While groups are our target audience, we are aware of what 'changes' in employment mean, many times resulting in the need for individual insurance. We are here to help with this too.

To find that plan we explore not only traditional fully funded options but also non-traditional plans such as "south of the border" plans, defined contribution plans or even fully or partially self-funded plans. Once the design phase is done the next step it to clearly and effectively communicate the benefits package and its value to your employees.

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    Only one-third of your employees are using their company benefits. Why are you paying full price for them?

    Partial Self Funded plans allow employers to offer platinum level benefits at bronze level pricing, by choosing a bronze plan from the carrier of your choice and hiring a third party administrator to build a platinum level plan on top. With this model employer and employees share in the cost of only the non-castrophic claims incurred. This method usually results in savings for both employees and employer.

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    Personalized Benefits Experience

    At Regency West, we pride ourselves in conducting all of our group enrollment meetings in person rather than sending out a carrier rep to do the job. We do this so that we can meet your employees, and more importantly, so that they can put a face to a name and feel comfortable reaching out to us when they need assistance accessing their healthcare.

    At this meeting, we provide them with summaries of benefits and rates, which also include contact information for everyone from the carrier to us the broker. Call it a “Benefits Cheat Sheet” if you will. The most important thing to communicate at this meeting is that their company values them as an employee and Regency West is here to answer any questions they may have throughout the year.

    Lastly, we work with you as a liaison between your company and the carriers underwriting department to make sure your implementation goes as easy and streamlined as possible. This piece is important because the carriers do not like to take on any risk that they don’t have to so they are constantly trying to poke holes in submissions to avoid having to accept the group. Since we have an in-depth process to make sure the case is clean prior to submission securing an approval is always our outcome.