Video Tips

Video Tips

Defined Contribution- Want more choices when it comes to healthcare?

To satisfy the diverse needs of their employees, many employers are moving away from the traditional offering of just one plan. The defined contribution model allows the employer to set a specific dollar amount and the employee to choose from several different carriers, networks, and plan designs. Each employee can find the plan that works best for themselves and their families.

Partial Self Funded- Paying full price for company benefits?

Partial Self Funded plans allow employers to offer platinum level benefits at bronze level pricing, by choosing a bronze plan from the carrier of your choice and hiring a third party administrator to build a platinum level plan on top. With this model employer and employees share in the cost of only the non-catastrophic claims incurred. This method usually results in savings for both employees and employer.

Metallic Tiers- What do you need to know about healthcare metallic tiers?

Each tier represents an actuarial value giving you an idea of the total out of pocket exposure you can expect on each level.

Networks- What network gives you the most access to your doctors?

This video teaches you the difference between each network and the access they provide to the doctors of your choice. Find out which network is best for you.

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